6 March 2020

Remote assistance that helps the prevention of infection

Remote assistance, system management and creation of company processes are only some of the functionalities Brochesia has to offer for the companies that want to communicate and operate on a global scale.

In the state of emergency that has arisen in recent days, linked to the risk of contagion of Coronavirus, technology has become one of the crucial resources for carrying out work and non-work activities. The systems that have found positive implications, thanks to greater interest and considerable demand from companies, are the remote Assistance and remote work systems.

The advantages that are found through the use of certain solutions are found not only through employee and customer management (CRM – Customer Relationship Management), but also through a customized and above all quality experience. The companies that have decided to take these resources into consideration in recent periods, even before the current state of health emergency, are not all large: small companies, since they are unable to cover travel management costs, have decided to implement innovative software solutions to manage remote assistance effectively and efficiently.

In this context, Brochesia offers the B2B and B2C world innovative software solutions for the management of 360 ° remote support activities.


Brochesia’s software solutions, compatible with any mobile device (tablet and smartphone), were mainly created to exploit the advantages offered by Smart Glasses, for the benefit of companies. These are extremely versatile technologies that can be used in several fields to support numerous activities and tasks. Thanks to Smart Glasses, operators can carry out their activities with their hands free.

B VIEW: support and remote assistance in increased reality

With the B View software solution the field staff will have the opportunity to activate an audio / video streaming session and share their point of view with the operator / customer remotely, who will be able to help the colleague or customer during maintenance operations or repair. In addition, through the solution, he will be able to offer quick remote support, reduce and eliminate the need for travel and the operator in the field will be able to receive, share and acquire information in real time, with significant time savings, especially during emergency scenarios.

B TAKE: software solution for logistic support

B Take provides support during logistics activities, with free hands during the pick-up or reception activities, allowing to speed up and optimize the processes, reducing human errors thanks to code reading and gesture commands. B Take provides an innovative and user-friendly graphical interface. An innovative solution integrated into a smart-glasses device to optimize the process of goods management during the receipt, handling or collection.

B MED: increased reality for healthcare and the medical sector

B Med is a software solution for the specific needs of healthcare and medical sectors, in particular it can be applied to the Emergency Room, during activities in the operating room and for remote health care. The possible applications for Augmented Reality concern first aid, operating room activities, remote health care and telemedicine. B Med is also a valid support for medical training and optimizes the control and maintenance of medical machinery.

B GUARD: remote support for security service

B Guard is a software solution that uses Smart Glasses devices designed for the security sector, in order to provide adequate support to law enforcement or private security staff. The B Guard software solution allows communication between the operator in the field and remotely, with the sharing of the surrounding scene through Augmented Reality (AR). B Guard allows great freedom of movement thanks to the use of voice commands or gesture control, carrying out normal activities with your hands free. Thanks to these features, B Guard is able to facilitate direct communication between field agents and the operations center.

B MEDIA: cultural events and augmented reality tour

B Media is the software solution that uses Smart Glasses devices designed for the world of Media and New Media. The B Media solution allows you to produce, record and share information material, becoming a valid support for journalists, reporters, event organizers and editorial groups. The B Media software solution allows communication between field staff and a remote audience, with sharing of the surrounding scene, through Augmented Reality (AR).

B SAFE: remote assistance for survey activities

B Safe is a software solution that uses Smart Glasses devices for testing activities, appraisals, inspections such as for public and private buildings, certifications, construction site and fitness checks, audit activities, quality and safety controls and checks on ongoing issues. The technician in the field will be able to receive real-time audio / video assistance from remote experts, view instructions on the activities to be completed, checklists and troubleshooting procedures, improving the efficiency of the company and reducing costs.

B STEP: digital workflow for your business

B Step is a versatile and customizable software created to improve business processes. The software is compatible not only with the various models of Smart Glasses, but also with Smartphones and Tablets.

B TALK: optimize your communications

You will have the possibility to make free calls from the Brochesia web portal (Web Call). The use of the Software B TALK solution will not require the installation of any type of application on your computer or tablet / smartphone (Android) because it can be used through a simple browser.

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