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2020: the ranking of technologies that will revolutionize our daily lives!

For the first time, 2020 won’t be a year dominated by surprising innovations, but we will see the transition from theoretical thinking to the practical application of countless technological projects. glasses: will they be able to replace smartphones? From hybrid cloud to 5G, from quantum computers to autonomous driving, 2020 will be a year in […]

Smart Glasses or Smartphone?

The era of smart glasses: will they be able to replace smartphones? Will augmented reality (Smart Glasses) enter in our lives so much that we can replace our beloved smartphones? This is the question that all users are asking themselves. To demonstrate this theory, just look at the fact that there is no colossus to […]

Smart Glasses AR

AR Smart Glasses

Facebook in AR During the sixth annual Oculus Connect Facebook conference, Mark Zuckenberg spoke about many news regarding both the VR world and AR. For 2020, the American giant will have its Smart Glasses ready on site. Together with Luxottica, Facebook is working on the Orion project: intelligent eyewear in Augmented Reality that is able […]

What’s Industry 4.0? Find out the 4th Industrial Revolution

The industrial market is becoming increasingly digital and interconnected. For this reason we are talking about the fourth industrial revolution and specifically of Industry 4.0. The term Industry 4.0 was introduced in 2011 at the Hannover Fair in Germany. The fourth industrial revolution and the 4.0 industry were central topics during the World Economic Forum […]


There are only a few days left to Mecspe of Parma, the most important manufacturing industry fair in Italy at its 18th edition. This year the Brochesia team will not only participate as an exhibitor, but as the Best Startup 4.0 of 2019, a deserved award for its high-quality products and its continuous research for innovation.The award ceremony is organized […]

How to choose the best Smart Glasses for your company: 5 factors to consider

What are the key factor to consider when choosing Smart Glasses? Smart Glasses are the best devices to exploit the advantages of Augmented Reality, especially in the case of jobs that require free hands. Augmented Reality glasses guarantee both freedom of movement and access to information and tools that the worker needs: digital resources; work […]

AWE 2018 – Brochesia will be present at the Epson stand

AWE 2018 (Augmented World Expo) the world’s #1 AR+VR, is held in Munich from 18 to 19 October. AWE 2018 includes exhibitions and conferences, with annual dates in the USA, Asia and Europe. These events bring together a mix of audiences for a fantastic opportunity to learn, inspire, collaborate and experience the exciting technology industry in […]

Technology For All 2018: Brochesia presents its software solutions

Technology for all 2018. Brochesia will be present at the 5th edition of the innovation forum new technologies for the territory, cultural heritage and smart city. This year the forum will offer high-level information and training moments. There will also be opportunities for discussion and business between Public Administrations, Universities and specialized companies. The new […]

Brochesia B Med software Solutions on board the ambulances in Puglia

Brochesia B Med software solutions: Puglia is the first Italian region to adopt the solution. Brochesia B Med software solutions will allow more effective and real-time interventions, combined to the Smart Glasses devices, useful to provide immediate support to the 118 healthcare professionals on board of the ambulances, through communication in audio / video streaming and […]

Brochesia signs a new partnership with Epson

Brochesia aims at providing more flexible and optimized software solutions for different Smart Glasses devices, in order to ensure a better user experience to its customers and diversified by application field. For this reason Brochesia, a leading specialist in the development of integrated software solutions for wearable devices, has signed a partnership agreement with Epson, […]