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Italy and the Smart City: achievable or unreachable?

The Smart City concept is still in its infancy stage in Italy. In the last decade there has been a remarkable growth in technology, one of the latest innovations is the transition, which will be added shortly both worldwide and nationally, from 4G to 5G. This entails the need to transform cities into “smart cities“, inserting intelligent […]

Olli is coming, the first self-driving minibus!

Olli lands in Europe, the first 3D-printed autonomous minibus. The arrival of Olli in Europe totally changes sustainable urban mobility. The innovative minibus will also be a project that will pay special attention to both accessibility features and the environment itself. The minibus, built in Arizona by the Local Motors, it has a very unique […]

Companies and Increased Reality: 2023 mind-blowing investments

Record investments are coming by 2023 from manufacturing companies which, within the next few years, will triple their expenses directed towards new technological “obsessions”. 2023 will be a very significant year for the world of the latest generation technologies. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), which until a few years ago […]

2020: the ranking of technologies that will revolutionize our daily lives!

For the first time, 2020 won’t be a year dominated by surprising innovations, but we will see the transition from theoretical thinking to the practical application of countless technological projects. glasses: will they be able to replace smartphones? From hybrid cloud to 5G, from quantum computers to autonomous driving, 2020 will be a year in […]

Smart Glasses or Smartphone?

The era of smart glasses: will they be able to replace smartphones? Will augmented reality (Smart Glasses) enter in our lives so much that we can replace our beloved smartphones? This is the question that all users are asking themselves. To demonstrate this theory, just look at the fact that there is no colossus to […]

Smart Glasses AR

AR Smart Glasses

Facebook in AR During the sixth annual Oculus Connect Facebook conference, Mark Zuckenberg spoke about many news regarding both the VR world and AR. For 2020, the American giant will have its Smart Glasses ready on site. Together with Luxottica, Facebook is working on the Orion project: intelligent eyewear in Augmented Reality that is able […]

5 Tips to ensure a Happy and “green” Halloween

Here are some tips that Brochesia suggests to have the Halloween party in a green way, having fun, but always respecting the environment. Follow these 5 rules! Pumpkins and decorations for Halloween Instead of buying material to create decorations, try to collect material in the years. Otherwise reuse your previous year’s decorations. For the pumpkins, […]

Augmented Reality Applications. The best for your device

Discover the best AR Applications that the market has to offer AR has been described and told in many different Sci-Fi movies. Today, thanks to the progresses of technology, we can try and, most of all, live it in an all-round experience. AR is based on overlapping computer-generated images that appear inside reality, thus creating […]

Smart Glasses- The best of 2019

The pleasure to work with free hands using the best Smart Glasses Smart Glasses (or Smartglass) are technological glasses with a standard sunglasses-like appearance, featuring an internal advanced computer that allows the wearer to live an all-round Augmented Reality experience. These Digital glasses, thanks to their characteristics, can be qualified as Media Glasses or Video […]